Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an emergency?

If your pet is displaying any abnormal signs or symptoms, or has been otherwise injured in any way, then consult your primary veterinarian.  If your primary veterinarian is unavailable, then please contact us at 860.470.7456.

What can I expect if my pet is hospitalized?

A doctor and technician will be present at all times to care for your pet.  You will receive regular phone calls from the doctor to update you on your pet’s condition.  You are welcome to visit your pet while he/she is hospitalized, but request that all visits be scheduled with either a doctor or technician.

What happens when my pet is ready to be discharged from the hospital?

The doctor will discuss with you the plan for your pet’s on-going care, either at home or your primary veterinarian.  You will receive written discharge instructions that detail the results of diagnostic tests and treatments performed during your pet’s hospitalization, and recommendations for further care and medication administration.

How will my primary veterinarian know that my pet has been treated at Avon Veterinary Emergency Referral?

We work closely with your primary veterinarian to ensure that your pet receives the best care.  When your pet is discharged or transferred from our hospital, your primary veterinarian will be faxed a comprehensive record of your pet’s visit and a phone call from one of our doctors.

What is the cost of emergency care?

During the initial consultation, the doctor will discuss with you a diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet, and the costs associated with the plan.  If your pet needs to remain in the hospital, then you will receive a written estimate of costs.  Upon agreement to the estimate, you will be required to leave a deposit equal to 50% of the maximum estimate.  Any remaining balance must be paid in full upon discharge of your pet from the hospital.  Developments in your pet’s condition during hospital stay may necessitate changes to the treatment plan and estimate.  The doctor will discuss these developments with you so that you can make informed decisions regarding your pet’s care.  In an emergency situation, the doctor may need to administer life-saving treatment prior to consultation with you.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, cash, and CareCredit.

Can I bring my pet to Avon Veterinary Emergency Referral for routine care?

No.  We complement the services that your primary veterinarian offers, and encourage you to visit your primary veterinarian for wellness care and non-emergent conditions.  No routine procedures, such as vaccinations, heartworm testing, or spay/neuter surgery, will be performed at our hospital unless medically necessary.

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